"From Seed To Surf"

christian surfing
Square Pin Swallow
Chambered Balsa Wood Polyurethane/Foam


Gloss and polish - $55
Resin Pin Lines - $30 per line/color change
Marker Pin Lines - $15 per side
Tail Blocks - $30/each
Extra Stringers - $50/each
6oz. Volan Cloth - $20/side
8oz. Volan Cloth - $25/side
10 oz. Volan Cloth - $30/side

None Pinline Bottom
Sand finish
Twin Quad 2+1 (Single with side-bites)
Top (lower) Bottom (upper) Bottom (center)
4 oz.
4 oz.
Classic Longboard Rocket Fish Funboard Other (custom)

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Balsa Wood Surfboards

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