Balsa Wood Surfboards

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24" - $60.00

20" - $40.00

Vintage Brass 

28" - $140.00

*Shipping NOT included 

24" - $110.00

*Shipping NOT included 

28" - $120.00

24" w/easel- $65.00


Available in gun or longboard 

Wood Tide Clock

Dark Hardwood Clock

Hardwood Clock

3 instrument Clock

Our clocks and instruments are made using three different finishes; hardwood/polyurethane, balsa/polyester and balsa/natural. If you don't see a model you like, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

*Check out our finished clocks that display the vast array of our capabilities!

Surfboard clocks

Total commitment goes into these high quality replicas. Each wood replica clock is handcrafted just like the real thing, not a stamped out duplicate. These clocks and replicas are built just like our real balsa wood surfboards with hand turned rails and rocker. We use over 10 steps of wood working, glassing, sanding, and polishing to create an unbelievable keepsake to cherish for a lifetime. Please fill out the form for pricing. We will get back to you ASAP! We build tidal clocks, world clocks, round clocks, barometers, three function instruments and hygrometers.


"From Seed To Surf"

christian surfing

*Shipping NOT included 

*Shipping NOT included